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Car Wash Water Systems

Good quality water is at the heart of any wash facility. TAW will design a custom water treatment system that makes the most of your water and your local building codes. There is a lot more to car washing than just turning on the tap. Meeting your water purification needs is a priority with TAW.

Reclaiming the wash water is not only an environmentally friendly concept, but in many cases it is mandatory. TAW uses systems that not only produce water for reuse, but that also take advantage of your tax laws, and help protect you from government shut downs.

These are commonly referred to as “spot free” systems because the water is so pure, that, when dried on a car, will not leave spots. They are sized for your location and can even be used to sell bottled water at the site.

Softeners are an important part of any water treatment system for car washing. We carry a complete line to meet the specific needs of your local water. Softeners are selected based on the hardness of your local water.